Are you a successful bad-ass businesswoman and yet secretly still feel unworthy?

Are you holding yourself back from being more, doing more and becoming more because somewhere deep inside you feel like you don’t deserve it?

Do you work harder and harder hoping this feeling will disappear?

Every day I meet amazing, talented and successful professional women. Women who run their own businesses, lead teams and who are making a difference to the lives of others.


Inside they still feel like a fraud or imposter!

Can you relate?

I knew this feeling well, in fact, I would say I perfected it and honestly thought I was the only person that ever felt this way.

The saying “fake it till you make it” kept getting louder in my head and it became normal. I worked harder and harder hoping it would go away and it didn’t.


It was a part of me feeling like a fraud.

I remember the day when I heard that other people, women, felt like this too.

I could hardly believe it because I always thought that ‘everyone else’ was better than me, deserved more than me, was smarter than me, more successful than me… You get the gist.

I felt relieved and confused because if I felt like this and other successful women felt like this then why isn’t it ever spoken about.

Why do we still cover up our inner voice and vulnerability and separate our inner and outer selves?

This is when it occurred to me that when we hide our inner self and mask it with only external success the feeling of being a fraud or imposter becomes louder, more dominant and almost larger than life.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

We can be a bad-ass successful, driven, businesswoman, mum, leader, partner, and not feel like a fraud.

We can feel real, worthy, and believe in us, just as much as the next woman.

But for this to become a new belief and our new reality there are steps that need to take place because we all know just because we want to feel a certain way if we don’t believe it, it won’t happen.

So, I got to work on the ‘Inner game’ of a successful woman so they feel not only comfortable in their own skin, which is pretty epic on its own but also to believe in our own worthiness.

Pretty cool hey!

To begin with, we need to be aware of our thoughts and beliefs, some which may not come up straight away because they’re part of our family beliefs, culture and are embedded deep within us. This is not a reason to ignore it, you can totally do it or reach out to me for coaching and help.

Once aware we need to begin to change our thoughts. Yep easier said than done right?

We have all practiced our internal thoughts and beliefs for a long time so it will require conscious awareness to retrain ourselves and create new more loving neural pathways.

This isn’t something that a magic bullet, hoping, wishing or practicing a few times will fix. It needs to be practiced and practiced changing our thinking, change our beliefs, change our behaviors whilst creating new neural pathways.

There is never a perfect time for a change and NOW can be the best time!

If this is something that resonates with you and would like to know more about creating lasting inner worthiness, to create the new neural pathways and get to a point where you not only feel comfortable in your own skin, but amazing then contact me:

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