About Kylie

Most small owners struggle to grow a thriving enterprise. They are so ‘busy’ working in their business that they are not sure what to focus on to get the best result.  Often, they become so overwhelmed and frustrated that they lose sight of why they started in the first place. 

The 6 Week Business Recharge Program is designed for business owners and leaders like you. 

People who complete the program rediscover their passion for business and learn how to leverage time and resources to grow a truly thriving organisation with high performing teams.

Kylie believes that all business owners deserve to have have access to the right tools and information to help them grow their business.

Owning your own business should give you the freedom to enjoy life on your terms.

Kylie is an accredited member of the Coaching Institute and the International Coach Guild. 

Kylie is a Certified Practitioner of Deep State Repatterning, Certified Practioner of Meta Dynamics II Profiling Tool, Certified Practitioner of Meta Dynamics III – Facilitator Training and Certified Practitioner of Meta Dynamics.


Kylie Snowley-Noden

Founder and CEO
The Distinctive Leader International